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You need a backpack that guarantees comfort, safety, security, sufficient storage capacity, durability and still appeals to your fashion and style preferences. In our list of the top 8 travel backpacks, we have tried to be luggage wholesale as diverse as possible to capture your backpacking needs but still stay within a reasonable price range. The main compartment has laptop and tablet sleeves and an internal scratch-free pocket to protect delicate items.
With this backpack, women will love the shoulder straps; it has some of the best shoulder straps of any bag I’ve seen – they are thick, strong and of good quality. They are designed with a special curved shape, which is better for hugging to your chest. The position of the shoulder straps can be height adjusted, so it’s great for short and tall people. There is a buckle on the front to secure the straps in place and to take some tension off your shoulder. Unfortunately, a hip strap is not included, which would be better to balance weight. The worry with such a lightweight backpack is whether the weight will disperse nicely when filled, but the bag does a pretty good job at being comfortable for such an affordable bag.

We have also varied the sizes a little bit to accommodate a wide range of applications. So whether you just need the best small travel backpack, that you can simply throw in a Tablet, a newspaper and a pair of sandals and be on your way. Or a spacious option for your extra clothing, pair of shoes, laptop, or other small day items; you’ve got something to go with. While they term it as an entry-level pack, it’s quite large compared to most backpacks in its class, which means value for your money. It features the II height adjustable harness which are ergonomic and ensures hassle-free travel. The travel backpack comes with a detachable daypack that you can easily unhook and throw in a few items for short quick exploration or travel trips.
The inclusion of the daypack, easily zippered off the main pack, means you can carry minimal weight with you while you explore, and has a designated laptop sleeve. The main compartment of these Osprey backpacks Australia offers are accessed via a large zippered panel, which can be secured with locks. Internal and external compression straps allow you to secure items inside the backpack and reduce the overall external size if required. BCF’s range of hiking gear and equipment is here to make your next journey into the wild a more comfortable and memorable experience. It’s designed using cushioned handles on the apex and sides and removable shoulder strap that guarantees elasticity for easy operation and movement.
The double compacted strap safeguards your belongings from shifting side to side while on transit. During our trip from Cusco to Machu Picchu we decided to take a small backpacks as we knew we would be walking on uneven terrain most of the day when we took the long journey to Macchu Picchu. The backpack Ros chose was the the Osprey Farpoint 55 women’s pack listed above, and can vouch that in her opinion it is one of the best travel backpacks for women. There are packs that offer zippered front panel which when opened, it exposes the full interior of the pack. Heavy backpacks, on the other hand, are a perfect choice for people who tend to carry a few extra comforts and favour longer trips. Heavy packs offer more suspension and padding, as well as more durable materials than lighter packs.

Osprey has been designing high quality backpacks for more than 35 years. Founded in California, Osprey packs are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable, versatile bag. Winning numerous awards for their innovative design and features on their packs Osprey has become known as one of the most acclaimed brands for hiking packs, travel bags and daypacks. Offering superior quality and comfort the Osprey range has a pack for everyone's needs, covering convertible rolling backpacks, child carriers, fully customisable hiking packs and more. Plus, the Porter has a dedicated and zippered laptop/tablet pocket and an assortment of storage options for all of your smaller items.
This bag makes a great carry on bag with a grab handle on both the top and side and with the ability to pack away the shoulder straps, it can be used just like a carry bag. This backpack travel bag is specifically designed to fit the carry-on restrictions of nearly all major airlines . With a focus on designing a comfortable, larger sized pack for women, Osprey has delivered. A trademarked AntiGravity suspension system and curved design, the Aura 50 transfers the weight easily to the comfortable hip belt. It is no good wearing this on day 1 of a 10 day trip and realising your neck and shoulders are paying for it.

The Traveller has a wide range of different comfort features, including a height-adjustable harness so you can get the perfect fit. Plus, the Traveller even has a detachable daypack for when your adventures warrant travelling light during the day. If you’re heading out on an epic, months-long trip, you’ll need to transport a lot of gear. Designed for comfort and versatility, the Traveller is a functional backpack that can be packed just like a suitcase but is carried like a hiking pack. Stylish and functional, the Osprey Farpoint 70L is ready for an adventure.
If you are planning for an all-in-one-day recreational tour, weekend escape or just headed out for a walk exploring the sights, one of these top rated daypacks/backpacks should suit your needs. Daypacks are basically smaller versions of backpacks typically designed for carrying small light items.

It is specifically designed for women and padded to fit the female figure and offers breathable cushioning. If you are planning to carry a heavy, irregular load, an external-frame pack might be your best option. They also offer lots of gear organisation without compromising of ventilation. To help you choose, we’ve listed the best backpacks of 2020 available for easy comparison along with the main options they provide. Established in 1968, Mountain Equipment combines the best outdoor products from around the world with very experienced staff who all share a passion for travel and adventure. Our pursuits of all forms of climbing, hiking, canyoning, trail running, slacklining and travel let us actively explore the planets wilderness, cultures and heritage.

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