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When Leadership Is Missing

If you are a sports enthusiast you understand the concept of momentum in sports and the importance of momentum in the success or failure of your team. Secondly, this highlights the sheer importance of proactivity, that it is absolutely vital that in times of 'peace', leaders continue to look for ways to become better and more efficient, so that when the trouble comes, they would have the resources.
Authoritative Style: This style is used by leaders who have a clear vision for the organization and can rally people by saying, "Come with me." It is a generally a positive style and works really well when an organization that has floundered in the past can be inspired to move in the direction of a new vision.

There needs to be a very clear vision for the organisation and every leader should be able to articulate that vision and the strategy proposed to achieve it. Every leader should be able to demonstrate how what they are doing on a day to day basis moves the organisation a little closer to achieving its strategy.
Tom Peters is the management guru's, management guru and in his book, "In Search of Excellence" stated that; " Leadership is about discovering the passion, persistence Licensed Diversity and Inclusion Training and imagination to get results, to be able to find the Wow factor and to be able to think the weird thoughts necessary to learn and thrive in a disruptive age".

The boss expected complete loyalty and received it. Not because she asked for it, but because she saw it as a two-way street and she demonstrated the same loyalty to us. I've never forgotten that lesson and it has become one of the bedrock principals in the years of leadership experience to follow.
The Acceleration Quotient self-assessment tool allows users to quickly gauge their organization's level of acceleration in four critical areas: strategy, organizations, teams, and individual leaders. A follower must be courageous enough to voice his or her opinion, challenge current thinking and challenge leadership decisions that they believe are misguided or unethical.

What truly matters to leaders and the company. Managers who have a good relationship with the employees are more likely to succeed, as companies strive to bring the best possible style of leadership in the workplace. If you look in most management books on sale today, as well as those no longer in print, they all have their own their definition of leadership.

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