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Shower Tray Repair

Bath re-enamel and bath enamel repairs. Royal Damage repair Specialists can come in to room and do furniture repairs in London and Nationwide between guests leave and are not magicman ,but we provide very efficient surface damages specialist repairs services saving you time and money, which is very important in London.
We do not tend to give timescales without knowing more about each job, as bathtub repair damage can vary from job to job and some treatments between stages can take longer due to some damage, however, all respraying repairs will be carried out on the day.

Unlike some bathtub re-surfacing companies who spray a thin layer of paint on bathtub surface resulting into its short service life, we use a patented Liquid Tub liner (Ekopel 2k), which creates a glossy white layer of new enamel of up to 5mm thickness.
If you find your UPVC, wood or metal window damaged send us an email or fill enquiry form for window repairs in London and Nationwide. Repairing a shower or bath is a job best left bath crack repair to the professionals. We have over 25 years experience in bath enamel repair, shower tray repair, ceramic and porcelain sink repair and bath resurfacing and bath re enamelling.

Whilst we are long-established, we use the latest bath enamel repair and resurfacing technology. Before resurfacing your bath we prepare your bathroom with masking, and dust protection. In some of the very old cast-iron baths, and coloured baths being resurfaced white.
The old tub is cracked or seriously damaged. 2) If there is any damage to metal or factory enamel, like chips, rusty holes, cracks, water caused surface imperfections, we repaire them prior to resurfacing. Bath Genie resurface all types of cast iron baths, enamel baths, acrylic baths, fibreglass baths and plastic baths.

All damage that the bath or shower tray has is repaired as part of the resurfacing process. Our hard surface restoration specialist repairs them on site. Repairing, not replacing is a much quicker, neater and easier way to resolve damage to your shower tray. We provide installation of anti-slip coatings which can be applied to most bathtubs, shower trays, tiled surfaces and wet rooms.
We repair chips, cracks, scratches and damage in shower trays, basins, sinks, laminate flooring and more across Kent and the South East. In addition to acrylic bath repairs, all types of bath resurfacing, chipped or cracked shower tray repairs, porcelain sinks, wc porcelain bidets and many more.
If you have scale damaged shower enclosures we can repair them to a clear streak free finish we also coat the surface with a special coating that requires no use of cleaning chemicals simply clean with a damp cloth. But due to how close the house was to completion the courier company couldn't get the baths down and back quickly enough for Garry to ensure he completed on time for his client.

We specialise in bath enamel repair, bath tub chip repair, shower tray repair, bath resurfacing and bath reenameling. By resurfacing or repairing your bath, sink or shower tray you can save as much as 60% over replacement. For instance, when it was impossible to find a bathtub of the same length or with the same presence of antique cast iron, it had to be resurfaced not replaced, even though a full bathroom remodelling had been planned.
However if your bath or even bathroom suite is not plumbed then if you would prefer, you can send it to our workshop to be resurfaced. Established over 15 years ago, Original & Reproduction Bath Studio have years of experience with antique baths and bathroom furniture.

Bathglaze is a family-run business specialising in bath resurfacing and hard surface chip repair , and we've been delivering our professional services across the South-East since 1985. We carry damages to any kind of stone, marble, granite, brick repairs in London and Nationwide.

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