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Personal Injury & Accident Attorneys

Suffering a personal injury at the hands of another is financially and emotionally devastating. I had a hard time finding help, I just picked out of the net for advise.Oracle offered to answer my question on never tried to over power me as far as let us try your few weeks later I called sweet voice answered.never once try to push me.always made me fill so of the many good things about My Lawyer(MARINA)I was able to call with no hesitation or worries and she always answered my question to a point where I understood.I really appreciated her time and most of all her patients to make me fill very comfortable.I do want to say that you really can tell when people want to help you and not your days nobody cares unless you rich and that's again thank you from the bottom of my heart (MARINA)and of course Oracle Law firm Family for making me feel very important in this difficult time in my life.lawfirms should take lessons on giving with there hearts.there is only a few in the crowd.I will never forget Oracle Law firm made me feel very part of the family and I am deeply touch.
If you or someone you love has been injured by the carelessness or negligence of another person or persons in southern California, or if you are injured in that way in the future, let an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney - Chris Purcell - help you fight for the compensation you need and for the justice you genuinely deserve.

Motorcycle Accidents: The statistics vary from year-to-year, but there are typically a minimum of 80,000 motorcycle injuries annually Because California is a state that allows lane-splitting, many of the motorcycle injuries in Orange County are due to drivers in cars neglecting to pay attention to cyclists on the road.
He represents those who have lost loved ones in a fatal accident, and those injured in car, truck & motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, hit-and-run cases, dog bites, slip & fall accidents, elder abuse and neglect, and claims against public entities and insurance companies.

We fight aggressively to help our clients recover every dollar they are entitled to receive, because we know you'll need it. Our Orange County law firm has a vast network of specialists and experts who can assist with preparing a thorough and detailed claim that accounts for all of your losses, both current and projected.
For more than two decades in southern California, Anaheim personal injury attorney Chris Purcell has represented personal injury victims in claims involving car , truck, bus, motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents; construction injuries and other workplace accidents ; incidents of medical malpractice; injuries caused by dangerous consumer products; police misconduct; other negligence-based personal injuries; and wrongful death claims.

If you are a plaintiff's attorney, you want a mediator that is 1) Recommended by other plaintiff attorneys, 2) Acceptable to defense attorneys, 3) Known to read mediation briefs, 4) Known to have a slight persuasion toward Plaintiffs, 5) Knowledgeable in the subject of the lawsuit, and 6) Known to stay as long as it takes to settle a case.
Negligent employers, incompetent coworkers, and careless product manufacturers are all parties that make some workplaces more dangerous Orange County personal injury attorney than they need to be. Getting the facts on Orange County work injuries can help you understand your rights moving forward.

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