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Notary Public Hayes

Notary Public London offers Notary services to clients throughout London. Therefore, we require you to first have your signature signed, witnessed by a UK solicitor or a Notary Public and then send your document(s) to be legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) or the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland (DFA) for Irish Nationals.
If your needs are more to do with the day-to-day running of a business such as terms andconditions of sale or purchase; contracts of employment; shareholders agreements;director's responsibilities; buying, selling or leasing property; disputes with suppliers or customers; or a host of other matters then Bird & Lovibond is the law firm for you.

When you instruct Bird & Lovibond to act on your behalf we will represent you to the other person's solicitors, the commercial agent, the local authority, the Government's Land Registry office, land owners, other parties who may dispute the details of the property (e.g. boundaries, access rights), and the bankers who transfer all monies connected with the property.
Our Business Services team can help you source the latest funding, access specific sector expertise, develop tailor-made training programmes to meet your individual requirements and recruit apprentices. Ellen is a seasoned finance lawyer with 20+ years of experience as a partner at two top tier international law firms.

Notary West London, Notary Hayes, Notary Southall, Notary Ealing, Notary Greenford, Notary Hounslow, Notary Feltham, Notary Uxbridge, Notary Heathrow, Notary West Drayton, Legalisation, Apostille. Demand for notarial services is increasing and Brexit could give it a further boost, the new president of the Notaries Society has said.
Notaries generally act as legally trained impartial witnesses to certify documents for use outside the UK. A Notary, or Notary Public, can authenticate or witness most documents. I mainly dealt with Javier at the above firm, and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone needing a notarial service in the U.K. re. Spanish legal documents etc.
A Notary will keep a full set of the originals or copies of all the official documents that they make and this serves as a permanent Public record. Mr Gordon, head of business legal services Notary West London at his law firm, said that only last week he had helped a company set up new companies in Poland, the Czech Republic, Portugal and Ireland as part of its post-Brexit planning.

Hyacinth LTD is a consultancy practice that provides services for Business Investments, Real Estate Management and Human Resources. A notary's practice usually concerns the verification of documents and information for use overseas. Documents may also be checked by foreign embassies to make sure that the Notary's signature matches the one on their records.
Legal advice for small and medium sized businesses to defend and further your interests when there is a dispute between businesses. To help meet the demands of clients on the island of Mallorca, My Lawyer in Spain has partnered with an associate firm, Cunningham and Associates.

A notarised document may often need to be further authenticated by having the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirm the validity of the Notary's signature and seal. For all your Notary Public and legal services, OT Lowry represents both private and corporate clients.
Brunel provides talent for business and industry through various recruitment services. I am a Notary Public providing services to clients in Uxbridge and the surrounding areas. My core values focus upon offering an expert service of distinct quality, integrity, and excellence which in turn gives financial peace of mind to discerning clients working in the city of London.
Visit our Notary Services page for the full list of services that I can undertake as a notary. She is also relied upon by the solicitors for drafting necessary documents in both Spanish and English, meeting directly with the clients, scheduling appointments at Notaries, as well as keeping the client files organised.

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