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How to change my paradigm

Renaissance philosopher and writer Machiavelli once said, I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it.” How can you follow this advice and avoid stagnation without sacrificing quality and security in the process? At the macro level, digital innovation influence economic development and economic policy benefits ICT enabled financial services include the possible creation of employment- mobile money vendors, increases in revenue receipts of government, helps firms productivity (both private and public), aid in cost control and efficiencies, and Could contribute to rural development and governance: Governance and revenue mobilization efforts, especially at local government levels, can be enhanced through ICT which aids in overall improvement in corporate governance.
It simple means that for a person or business to remain in business or start a new venture with some certainty of success - you'll Paradigm Shift 2020  have to adopt a marketing and leadership mind set to position successfully in the mind of your customers and prospects.

Brussels, July 21, 2010 - At DG AGRI's CAP post-2013 Conference, the Agricultural and Rural Convention 2020 (ARC) urged the European decision-makers to initiate a paradigm shift in agriculture and a rural renaissance to meet environmental and social challenges.
Enjoying a successful career in Management, Glenda has held a number of leadership and management roles where particular focus has been on relationship building, developing and leading high performing teams, providing expertise in business management, process improvement, customer and corporate service delivery.

For this, the Global Plan calls for an additional US $9 billion, needed for vital research and development to create a vaccine that protects people of all ages against TB, highly sensitively rapid diagnostic tests that can be implemented at the point of care, and drug regimens (including for drug-resistant TB) that are highly effective and non-toxic.
The future of censuses beyond 2020 will therefore depend on census-takers recognizing this and striving to provide data that meet the changing demands of users, while maintaining the core features that make census data so different from other sources: universal coverage of every person and home along with the certified high quality assured by their status as official statistics.
Paradigm shift from traditional” to creative industries - the essence for sustainable regional development” is an initiative to establish an educational platform, unifying intellectual capacity of experienced cross-border partners: Kuldiga Municipality, Nida Art Colony of the Art Academy of Vilnius (higher education), Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre (Klaipeda Municipality), Liepaja Creative Industry Cluster (NGO).

The 2020 IDR contributes to this debate by presenting fresh quantitative and qualitative evidence on the future of industrialization in the context of a technological paradigm shift. 4) Sub-Saharan African Countries should commit a percentage (at least 1%) of their annual GDP as the budget for Innovative technology for the support of the digital economy stimulus for sectors like financial service and other industries to perform.
Focus on your customer, one customer at a time, and find more products or services for that customer. At the very basic level, Nigeria's goals presume a paradigm shift and large-scale overhaul of its legal, financial, energy and educational institutions. Under Rebecca's leadership, Paradigm Shift's focus is on managing change by delivering fast, sustainable results in a way that energises businesses and creates new paradigms for success.

Join us at Paradigm Shift in May 2020 to enjoy fascinating insights from our international keynote speaker, Chris Precht from Precht Studio. They give some evidence in some countries - which have been receiving humanitarian assistance- where there is growing acceptance of digital financial inclusion through use of a phone.

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