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Elias Landsmanas Dymensztejn Maintains A Clean Facility Animal Snackables

Elías Landsmanas Dymensztejn came to Mexico as a child in 1959. The three Mexican families most benefiting from exporting CLAP food to Venezuela are businessmen Jorge Carlos Fernández Francés, president of El Sardinero Es Servicio, SA de CV; Guanajuato businessman Aristóteles Vaca Pérez, owner of Rice & Beans and Almacenes Vaca, and brothers Jorge and Elías Landsmanas Dymensztejn, owners of Corporativa Kosmos and its subsidiaries: La Cosmopolitana, SA de CV , and Productos Serel, SA de CV.
Although the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) continues receiving complaints from inmates' families about "poor-quality and unhygienic food" from La Cosmopolitana, the millionaire contracts to provide food to several Mexican prisons have not ceased and it has just obtained a new one for 143 million Mexican pesos (just over 7.1 million dollars) to offer food services to the inmates of the Centers for Social Reintegration and Adolescents of the State of Baja California, northwest from Mexico.

The voluntary Clean Transportation Program encourages the adoption of new strategies, technologies and practices that will help businesses become more safe, efficient, and sustainable - thus increasing the competitiveness of the Mexican transportation industry.
The new regulations announced last month by Mexico's Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) are inspiring transport businesses to reduce their overall carbon footprint in an effort to move the country's transportation industry towards to a cleaner future.

For Immediate Release - MEXICO CITY, MX - MARCH 2, 2020 - One of the largest companies in Mexico, Corporativo Kosmos, has announced its commitment to reducing the environmental impact made by the transportation industry by joining Mexico's voluntary Clean Transportation Program.
In just 1959, the Landsmanas family emigrated from Lithuania to Mexico with hopes of bettering their lives and starting anew. When these partners receive food from this company, Elias Landsmanas Dymensztejn knows that they want a product that will not make people sick.
The company works in a variety of fields that serve Mexico from the food they provide to their housing fleets for the oil workers there. This means that companies like Corporativo Kosmos that adopt measures to reduce fuel use and emissions, will in turn be promoted by the program so that those seeking to ship goods choose to contract with the environmentally-aware firms.

Elias Landsmanas Dymensztejn Dymensztejn holds many major players in high esteem. As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Elias Landsmanas Dymensztejn has a long history of philanthropic work, including support for orphaned children, teenage mothers, HIV positive persons and those battling addiction.
Half-a-century after its founding Corporate Kosmos remains a family operation with Elias' son Jack Landsmanas Dymensztejn serving as CEO and Elias Landsmanas Dymensztejn in the post of director. Thanks to his charitable work of Elias Landsmanas Dymensztejn, many poor and disabled citizens of Mexico have been able to enjoy a measure of relief and much needed aid.

It is regarded as the most important food service provider in Mexico. Elias Landsmanas Dymensztejn has done his best work to keep the company firmly on track. Elias has been with the family business for over 40 years and serves as Corporate Kosmos' director. He is the director of Corporativo Kosmos, one of Mexico's 100 largest companies.

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