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Domestic Cleaning In Canterbury

Once the roof has been cleaned the roof tiles will then be treated using a biocide designed to impregnate the roof tiles, stop germination of any moss spores and stop any regrowth. The non-pressure roof cleaning and roof moss removal service we deliver efficiently and successfully removes dirt, grime and algae from your roof.
We recommend cleaning every one to two years to keep them in great condition. We are not a roofing company and we recommend professional roof installers to carry out any repairs if any. We use tap water pressure to mix and apply the Clever Wash softwash. Cleaning patios and driveways is a messy job however we will leave your property clean and tidy. We mainly use 13hp, 3000 psi pressure washers, Our rotary cleaners are up to 30 inches in diameter and are connected to the Honda.

If you insist on the best, then a tried and tested tiled roof is the way to go. A conservatory with a solid roof is easier to install and often don’t require planning permission or deep foundations. Energy efficiency is significantly improved with a solid roof conservatory. With heat better contained, putting the heating on will have an impact in the colder months. This means you can regulate the temperature of your conservatory, enabling you to use it as a living space all year round regardless of the weather outside. Enter your email address to receive news, offers and promotions from Timpson by email. You can opt out whenever you like – for more details please see our privacy policy.
We service residental areas as well as commercial properties, not limited to local businesses, schools and hospitals. Essentially we provide roof cleanings services and roof moss removal services for almost all types of commerical and residential sites.

For more insight to what may be the best piece of kit for the job at hand you can speak to one of our online experts now or give us a call, we are always happy to help. It couldn't be easier to hire masonry cutting equipment from HSS, you can hire through the website now or give us a call. Cut concrete, stone, brickwork, slabs, tiles and even metal precisely with our range of masonry tools for hire. We have a choice of orbital sanders suitable for a range of woodwork and metalwork jobs, from car body work to boat repairs. For smoothing rough, flat timber surfaces our powerful belt sander is the professional choice.
We can clean roofs in areas such as Gillingham, Faversham, Maidstone, Margate and Rochester. We also provide a professional and reliable roof cleaning and roof repair service, to totally refurbish any type of roof in Kent and South East London. Getting your commercial property roof cleaned will always reflect well on your business, making it more attractive to customers who visit your business.

Pressure washing can strip the top protective layer of tiles leaving a rough surface which actually encourages moss to return quicker. We offer to either scape or wire brush your tiles to remove the moss. During our survey we will discuss both options with you while offering our recommendation based on your priorities. After thoroughly cleaning your roof or manually removing the moss, we apply a biocide roof wash. This treatment ensures your roof remains free of dirt and moss for years to come. A good chimney sweep will have the necessary training and experience to notice problems which might lead to chimney fires or inefficient burning and will be able to bring these problems to your attention.
HSS understand the imporatance of this equipment and how it'll impact. No matter what the roofing roof moss removal canterbury job is, we've got the parts and accessories that will ensure you complete the work successfully.

Hire one of our direct heaters today; we’ve direct heaters available that offer a range of heating solutions. If your lawn has been neglected and the grass is too long for a small electric mower to deal with, then hiring a petrol rotary mower or power scythe will quickly bring things back under control. Our petrol mowers are also ideal for large lawns where a trailing cable could cause problems. For the more pristine lawns HSS have an array of lawncare equipment including scarifiers, aerators and rollers to keep it in top condition. Hire with confidence and ensure your garden or grounds are spruced up to a high standard. We hire chainsaws, long reach pruners and hedge trimmers, plus much, much more. Our range of garden clearance tools will suit both domestic and public gardens.
They were extremely polite, efficient and worked very hard in the two days they were on our property. Excellent value for money and their service was 2nd to none. Unfortunately the work could not be carried out in the day arranged due to ice, but turned up anyway to have a look, he returned the next day to clean our gutters brilliantly.
Our softwash is a superb treatment which achieves impressive results whilst being safe for the environment and is also non-aggressive. There may be certain circumstances, with certain roofs where pressure washing your roof becomes a favourable roof cleaning soloution. However there are significant risks involved in pressure washing a roof which risks are only mitigated by using a professional. England’s weather and climate creates textbook conditions for moss, algae and lichen growth on the roofs of properties across London.

If you are unsure about the right type of genie lift, or lifting equipment in general then speak to one of our online technicians now, or give us a call. Whether you are looking to move a pile of bricks or strengthen your pull lift line, we've the equipment you need here, and it's all available for you to hire. The hoisting equipment available for hire from us here at HSS is safe and effective in ensuring construction site equipment is safely lifted and manouvered.

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