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A major US advertising agency is hiring an experienced Digital Media Planner for its Tokyo office. The core work is focused around developing integrated digital communication strategies for key projects and product launches, along with the development of cohesive media plans based on the client brief that includes communications goals and brings together different disciplines for integration across multiple media channels.
But the the process of research, ideas, and strategic-thinking over the brand is really the job of the account planner (and to some degree, the account handler, where the account handler doesn't have an account planner to work with or fall back on). The digital media planning for dummies will work for a financial services organisation providing a number of services across corporate benefits.

So there we have it. Successful online advertising is not only about getting eyeballs and some may also say, it is not a rocket science.” However, a digital planner requires the skillset to identify the right audience and find the best means to put the message across.
Media planning (this is about finding the most appropriate media channels to use in advertising a brand) also involves a lot of lateral-thinking in that the media planner must figure out exactly who the audience is, what the brand is like, and what all the possible media channels are for that particular audience and brand, and so on.
Part of the network you need are colleagues from classical media agencies, ad server administrators (note from the editorial staff: ad servers are the main computers, where all digital advertising formats are stored and accessed from by the portals), art directors from creative agencies and online marketers.

The amount of man hours it takes to support a social media element of a campaign can, if you bill by the hour, add up to a substantial sum. While you may be able to correlate a surge in sales with recent commercial and billboard campaigns, you can't measure exactly what drove people to buy, other than brand awareness.
This "reverse upfront" media planning process is designed to keep costs low and better integrate creative and media buying. We are currently looking for a Digital Media Planner to join the agency. But while digital media planner is a hot career, that doesn't necessarily make the industry any easier to break into.

What I am trying to say is that if you are enthusiastic, outgoing, curious, creative, passionate and have a certain degree of technical comprehension, especially for digital interdependencies, then you can also become a digital media planner. Armed with this critical analysis, media planners devise or recommend strategies for using certain media effectively to attract and retain customers, increase brand recognition, and maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Digital media have given advertisers new levels of precision and relevancy and created the potential for deep customer engagement. Certainly the most important weapon in any company's bid to reach those new customers is a well-conceived advertising campaign.
This refers to how many times an ad will display, and is actually similar to how traditional media planning models work. You need to understand how digital marketing works as well as the capability to analyze the client's business. Relying on data that quantifies their behaviors, habits, perceptions and interests, the digital media planning game has become a lot more strategic, while planners are gaining the confidence they need to take their ideas to the next level.

Many traditional, creative advertising agencies will have their own media planners. Use the strategies outlined above to increase the effectiveness of the digital media planning process. However, considering that advertising and marketing are highly competitive, it's highly unlikely that you could progress very far in this career without a degree or a considerable amount of industry experience.

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