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Our vision is to provide the highest quality comprehensive oral health care by educating and empowering each individual. Steve Enea's clinic is a leading Colorado Springs dental practice offering exceptional dental treatment from the time clients walk in. Dr. Enea, one of the best dentists in Colorado Springs, is a gifted endodontist specializing in the area of soft tissue inside the teeth and in retreatment of root canals.
Teeth whitening plus specialty services including Under Armour mouth guards and sleep apnea treatment His experience will enable us to treat nearly all of your dental health concerns right in our office, with little need to be referred for specialized care.

Our expertly qualified dentists are not only credentialed in their fields, but continue to expand their skills with constant continuing education, to maintain the highest standard of care for our patients, and provide them with the latest advancements in dental technology.
Led by a highly skilled dentist Colorado Springs patients can put their trust on, North Summit Dental Care provides high-quality services for all dental complaints such as dentures, tooth extraction, and teeth whitening Colorado Springs patients can take advantage of. Manned by a dedicated staff, this clinic offers patient-centered and affordable dental services to patients who seek for excellent and top-of-the-line dental approaches.

Being a Top Dentist in Colorado Springs, we are proud to offer a dental savings plan that helps patients without insurance affordably receive the care that they need. We invite you to visit our office so you can get the attention you deserve with outstanding dental care.
We're confident we can provide superior dental care that no other dentist in Colorado Springs can offer. Thanks to its efforts and the good word spread by its patients, Broadmoor Dental won Best Dental Practice in Colorado Springsā€ every year from 2008 through 2019.

We see patients of all ages - providing compassionate, gentle care that helps patients to feel relaxed. We work in collaboration with Care Credit to offer amazing zero down and 0% financing for dental treatment. Dr. Tyng strives to practice dentistry that offers comprehensive care in a learning environment that is designed to be highly compassionate towards patient's needs, while efficiently and effectively providing quality dental care.

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