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Car Accident And Personal Injury Attorney

Being in a car accident is usually a very confusing and devastating experience. The worst thing you can do to your case is to attempt to negotiate and arrive at settlements for your claims on your own, as the other party will most likely be represented by insurance adjusters and skilled defense lawyers who are more adept than you in handling personal injury matters.
In some instances, insurance process is not necessarily on your side and having legal representation can ensure that your needs are address avoiding unnecessary delays, bureaucratic delays and perhaps even assessing settlement offers to ensure fair compensation.

When a car operator, bicyclist, motorcycle rider or pedestrian is struck and injured or killed by a commercial vehicle like a big rig freight hauler, a delivery truck or driver, an Uber or Lyft operator or anyone driving a company vehicle, additional analysis must be done.
Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have seen firsthand, that nearly half of those injured come away with permanent disabilities like brain damage , paralysis, amputation injuries, orthopedic injuries and other serious ailments that significantly and negatively affect the lives of crash victims.

Considering how much insurance Uber and Lyft drivers carry, anyone injured in a collision with a ridesharing driver could be entitled to more compensation for medical costs, lost income, and pain, suffering and emotional trauma resulting from the wreck.
Our car accident attorneys at Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg explain that each motorist, pedestrian, truck driver, bicyclist or motorcyclist involved in a road collision will have his or her compensation limited by the amount they were at fault for the accident.
In California, the litigation process can be lengthy due to factors such as allowing time for: the defendant's attorney to respond to the lawsuit; the discovery phase (fact finding where both sides ask questions), depositions; and witness and medical professional testimony.

Our motor vehicle accident attorneys will NEVER ask you to finance your own case or charge you by the hour when investigating your case, consulting you, negotiating with other parties on your behalf, filing a lawsuit and litigating your case in court.
Whether you have been injured on a bicycle or motorcycle, we have helped hundreds of accident victims just like you prove legal fault and obtain money for medical expenses, lost income and the physical and emotional pain caused by these types of collisions.
Collecting evidence of the other driver's negligence, obtaining the police report and countless medical reports, learning hundreds of legal terms that make zero sense, negotiating with your insurance company and the insurer of the other parties involved in Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney the motor vehicle accident, reporting the car crash to the DMV , talking to witnesses and documenting their accounts, identifying possible pitfalls in your car accident claim,preparing a formal complaint, filing a lawsuit… and the list goes on and on.

We have designed this website for people who have suffered injuries in car or auto accidents,truck and commercial accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, slip or trip and falls, animal attacks, boat accidents, train accidents, fire accidents, and other accidents which have caused injuries such as spinal cord injuries, brain damage injuries, broken bone injuries, soft tissue injuries, disc injuries, burn injuries, and other injuries which have placed you in need to consult a physician.
Our car accident attorneys take great pride in representing women, men, and children who are injured in car accidents across the Los Angeles and the California We know how difficult it's for the car accident victims in order to get on their feet back after getting injured, and Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney understands how imperative it's for you to acquire the compensation and justice you deserve and need so that you move on in your life.

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