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Accountant Boca Raton

We are a full-service accounting firm dedicated to providing each client with a wide range of personalized and professional, tax, accounting and financial services. While it may come as a surprise to some, nearly all tax-exempt organizations are required to pay taxes on unrelated business income, which might include proceeds from an annual holiday card sale or souvenirs related to an educational exhibit in support of the nonprofit's mission.
In addition, he has performed services which include preparation of Personal Financial Statements for High-Net-Worth Individuals Accountant Boca Raton and management-use only financial statements which are utilized by company directors for internal decision making purposes.

The company opened in 2003 and features two Certified Public Accountants who provide many different services such as the preparation of individual or business taxes, IRS audits, loan modifications, the development of payroll and payroll taxes, and the creation of monthly, quarterly, or yearly financial statements.
Having lived abroad for many years and being qualified in tax matters in both the United States and Canada, J. David Lappin is uniquely qualified to walk non-residents through the filing process and to assure that your legal requirements are met in a timely and professional manner.
Far more than a tool that can be used to get financing, a Strategic Business Plan provides a platform through which you can communicate plans that up until now have been nothing but loosely formulated ideas, allowing you to ensure that you have a clear sense of where you want your company to go, and keeps everybody on the same page and focused on the same vision.

Accounting firms are popular locations to find a Certified Public Accountant. The company is a state-registered unclaimed property expert and can help individuals and businesses reclaim properties around the world. When you use our Services, you provide us with things like your files, content, messages, contacts, and so on (Your Stuff”).
Though most of the companies have their own accountants for payroll preparation services, but still some business owners seek assistance of expert professionals for payroll services. With our expertise, we help our clients choose the best financial route for each given situation and ensure all governmental filings are made in a precise and timely manner.
This Deerfield Beach area accounting firm is indeed experienced in all the aspects of tax and accounting functions. Since taxes can be extremely complicated and the documents required to file them properly are sometimes difficult to understand, mistakes occur more than you may expect.

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