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Tiles Wakefield

Public and trade customers from Barnsley, Wakefield and the surrounding areas can also use our tile shop for door bars, tile trims and a range of related products. If you have any further questions regarding either your roofing requirements, or for more information about the huge range of work that Craig Bridges Roofing Wakefield offer, then please contact us directly on 07775956385 for a further discussion or for a no obligation quote.
We provide designer tiles for an office, school or retail store. Preparing, setting out and tiling of the bathroom floor. Our directory includes tilers across the UK. We'll show you their address, services offered, and more. Representing a flagship building within a major regeneration project, Wakefield Council requested a unique, contemporary carpet tile.

Coupled with our long lasting guarantee on all our products, A1 Roofing Wakefield is the go-to company for all your roofing tile needs. Our cushion vinyl flooring is made high quality and hard wearing vinyl that comes with a modern smooth finish. For some examples of our satisfied customers, why not take a look at our Wakefield Roofing testimonials below for further information about our customer service.
From carpets , vinyl , luxury vinyl tiles (such as Karndean & Amtico ), solid wood flooring and laminate flooring ; be assured that our range of products are only the best in the industry. As a family run business covering Wakefield and Huddersfield, we are strong believers in offering a friendly and professional service, providing our expert knowledge and experience into every project, which has built us a high reputation.

If you have plastic floor tiles in your home they may contain asbestos. A1 Roofing Wakefield in Wakefield, West Yorkshire offering emergency roofing works, replacement tiles and roof restoration Services. Many of our bathroom products are guaranteed for 5 - 25 years and, in some cases, full lifetime manufacturer guarantees are supplied.
Some roof felts, textured plaster - Artex, paints, floor tiles, bath panels, wall plugging compounds and specialist adhesives can contain asbestos. Craig Bridges Roofing and his team have done a very good job on the roof, matching the replacement slate with the existing slate both on the house roof and garage roof.
Carpet tiles are a hard-wearing, practical choice. Again, our tile shop stocks wall tiles and floor tiles for bathrooms in a vast choice of materials and styles to tie in with your design aspirations. Kitchen tiles clean easily, handle warm conditions well and our porcelain range delivers hardwearing performance in busy room space.

Durable Carpet tiles offer peace of mind in today's market, but still clients require a carpet solution which can be design orientated. Kitchen Tiles - Unique Tiles can supply the wall tiles and floor tiles you need for kitchens in a choice of sizes, colours, materials and patterns.
We know how hard it is to choose just the right bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or tiles for your home, it can be tiresome coming up with a new design, searching for the best offer, and just not knowing where Architectural Tiles to start. In 2009 we undertook a new construction project and needed the help of a Wakefield based commercial roofing contractor who we could rely upon to provide a complete end to end roofing solution.

Best Online Freebies And Deals

Have you ever wondered why companies both small and large will spend money to actually give things away to consumers? Just Free Stuff is a comprehensive site offering deals and free samples on just about anything you could think of. Along with basics like beauty, baby and pet samples, they share details on how to get free samples or products on educational products, games, eBooks, clothes, and more.
With all the free offers floating around on cyberspace, you need to give people a GOOD REASON to sign up for your freebies. Many are offering the free oil change for several days around Free Samples Veterans Day. These free online product samples are very easy to claim. There are also sites that will offer you products to test both new and existing and this is besides being paid.

I have signed up for various freebies you fill out name address email age multiple times you fill out surveys asking the same questions over and over they tell you will get freebies and like a person mentioned above got nasal strips and 3 incontinence pads.
Many people waste so much money because they purchase new products that they think they will like, only to find out that for some reason they are not happy with it. They may be allergic to something in the product, or it does work as well as they wanted.
When I checked the page at this writing, the sample boxes they were giving away included a beauty box (when you sign up, you get a different beauty box at four different times during the year) and they also had a box of baby samples you could sign up to get.

We add new freebies every day. Encouraging your teen in the right direction is a must however as freebies available on the net are not only the informative ones at all times. is one of the oldest (since 1995) and best freebies sites out there. While they don't directly provide the online freebies, they'll link to websites that do. Even though the Free Stuff website is updated every day, free items come and go quickly so you may come across some that are expired.
They are free products given away by companies, so make the most of them. The aptly named is basically a website where you can get samples and freebies from a wide variety of companies and manufacturers. It makes it really easy to find the free stuff offers. For instance, it's important to note that not all sites claiming to give away free samples or other free stuff are legit.
It offers 100% discounts on some products and major discounts on others. Tracy… Would you like to try other websites that you can earn some extra money or gift cards from watching video, survey sign up from free sample or offers. Their "product" is a membership to their website that gives it's members access to thousands of freebies.

Bring You Car Batteries Back To Life

Have you ever considered the possibility of reconditioning many of the batteries you have instead of throwing them away? Conventional lead-acid batteries consist of a number of plates of lead and lead dioxide suspended in a cell filled with weak sulfuric acid Lead oxide reacts with the sulfur and oxygen in the acid to give up an electron, leaving the plate positively charged and producing lead sulfate Lead reacts with the acid by taking in two electrons, leaving it negative while also producing lead sulfate.
Batteries can be very dangerous if handled incorrectly, especially if you don't have the right safety equipment on. It's vital that you wear car batteries refurbishing fast guide glasses and gloves to ensure that the battery acid doesn't leak out and burn your skin or anything else that it comes in contact with.

Important: If the battery has to be removed from the car for charging, care must be taken to keep the battery upright when lifting and carrying it. If the battery is to be charged in the vehicle, all electrical consumers must be switched off before connecting the charger.
The best avoidance practice is to exercise” the battery every month or two with a good discharge and then a full charge or, if the cells are already delivering poor performance, to put them through a reconditioning” programme on a suitable diagnostic device.

I've written article where you can learn more about how to test car you haven't found any significant issues during inspection and battery test confirms that battery can bereconditioned it's time to move to the second step of the battery reconditioning 2: Electrolyte RemovalElectrolyte is basically fluid, consisting of battery acid and distilled water, in which individual battery cellsare submerged.
It's a technique called reconditioning and it's done with a number of different tricks and tips, and we're going to spill all the beans for you in this article so that you too can learn how to recondition your batteries and get them fully functional again.

Theoretically as long as the plates and the plate doping are in decent shape there should be no limit to how many time the process can be performed. If the battery voltage is between 10V and 12V, you can consider reconditioning the dead battery. So yes, you probably could clean out a drain with battery electrolyte” if the sulfuric acid is present.

Lofi Hip Hop - Fresh New Sounds

PROBABLY SOMEWHERE IN ITALY — Several sources have recently confirmed that the chill beats to sleep to Radio Girl has failed her exams despite continuously preparing for them since at least 2015. Kupla has studied classical music and jazz, and recently also picked up the clarinet to spice up his chilled tracks, which have been streaming dozens of millions times on Spotify's popular playlists such as "Lo-Fi Beats" and "Chill Lofi Study Beats", et cetera.
This stream often features vocal tracks, bird chirping, waves, wind, rain, and all the ambient sounds you can think of. It's pretty groovy, and blends into the background nicely if you're tackling to-dos like writing emails, marketing copy, or anything that requires you to be detailed-oriented.

While these 10-hour edits may satiate some appetites, over the past few years a new set of channels, first started by amateurs and enthusiasts, have emerged that offer a music-focused approach to calm - and they've created some of the most uplifting environments on the internet.
It's become pervasive enough that the New York Times wrote about it back in 2018 , revealing, among other things, that ChilledCow—whose channel is popular enough that you can see plenty of merch floating around for it online, to say nothing of clever cosplays of Study Girl herself —was run by a 25-year-old Parisian named Dimitri.

Channels dedicated to hosting constant livestreams featuring a score of different Lofi Hip Hop” artists have become increasingly popular on YouTube, ostensibly for students looking for soothing music to study to, but none are as popular as Chillhop Records.
Even though Chillhop still commands a significant audience on YouTube, Spotify now accounts for the vast majority of the brand's revenue; the company's CEO Bas van Leeuwen tells me that Chillhop's label catalog generated over 1.1 billion streams on Spotify in 2019, implying between $5 million and $8 million in annual revenue from that platform alone (assuming a $0.005-$0.007 average per-stream royalty rate).
Other YouTube livestream features help build relationships between the listeners and channels, effectively birthing lo-fi hip-hop communities. Lo-fi hip-hop is far from dead. I've been a gamer since my parents got us a Super Nintendo for Christmas in 1991 and grew up listening to music by Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu, so old school video game beats are a soft spot for me.

A tweet from "Chilled Cow", the largely anonymous creator of the video, showed a message apparently set by YouTube's administrators that claimed the feed might have broken the site's terms of service and that the channel had been "terminated". But the despite the genre's obvious popularity, producers who fulfill that demand are choosing to distance themselves from the label of lofi hip-hop,” as they move away from the genre's distinct sound.
It's a very relaxing type of music that you can study to. When I listen to it personally, I get really nostalgic and I get put right back in time to when I was a kid sitting and watching cartoons. Lo-fi hip-hop's influence can be heard in the music of progressive R&B artists like Choker, Mac Ayres, and Raveena.

And the rise of lo-fi also coincides with the rise of hip-hop in general: Acts like Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, and Migos have joined glitzy pop acts like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé as go-to festival headliners, bankable brand names. The original 'Study Girl', synonymous with the LoFi Study Beats channel.

The 8 Best Hand Sanitizers That Are Still In Stock

I was lucky enough to go on a cruise, recently, and I was astounded by the number of hand sanitizers placed around the ship as well as the crew's persistence in trying to persuade me to use the stuff. The best way to prevent the spread of infections and decrease the risk of getting sick is by washing your hands with plain soap and water, advises the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is essential, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing one's nose.
Another important point that must be emphasized is that in order to get the benefit of the sanitizer, the individual must use the same discretion as he or she would when washing - that is, the sanitizer must be thoroughly rubbed into all surfaces of the hand and let dry to achieve maximum effectiveness.

If you have experienced a bad reaction to hand sanitizer in the recent weeks or months, you can report it to the FDA through the form on this website The FDA relies on reports like this to identify potentially toxic products and take them off the market or issue warning statements.
Although public health experts say hand sanitizer is generally an adequate substitute for handwashing to protect yourself against COVID-19 , the growing use of disinfectant products is leading to another problem: A surge in accidental poisoning, especially among children.

These areas includes surfaces such as grocery store carts, door knobs, items in a store that others have touched, the phone and the list goes on. Sanitizers such as germ x have moisturizers in them to help prevent the alcohol from drying out the skin.
Amazon officials have said they are monitoring listings for price gouging, blocking or removing those they suspect of it. Ebay announced Friday that it was banning listings for hand sanitizers, masks and disinfecting wipes, and that it will quickly remove” listings other than books that mention coronavirus or COVID-19, the disease it causes.
Some hand sanitizer products use agents other than alcohol to kill microorganisms, such as povidone-iodine , benzalkonium chloride or triclosan 4 The World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC recommends "persistent" antiseptics for hand sanitizers.

ProPublica asked Kelly Ward-Smith, the spokeswoman for Gojo Industries, the company that invented Purell, what the product labels mean when they say they kill 99% of most illness causing germs.” She declined to answer, saying in an email that because this article is about coronavirus, the FDA could interpret any answer to violate its rules.
A trial in Thailand compared the effect of a compulsory hand-hygiene program for three interventions — using an alcohol-based sanitizer every hour, two hours, or before lunch — on absence from kindergarten due to respiratory infections, and found that more frequent sanitizer use meant fewer days off sick.

Antibacterial hand sanitizer has been used extensively to help prevent the spread of germs and diseases, such as the common flu 1 2 However, side effects from overuse, individual sensitivity and the chemicals contained in hand sanitizers, raised enough concerns for the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to issue a warning about its use in 2010.
The FDA is urging consumers not to use any hand sanitizer products from the 16 Mexican and one U.S. manufacturers on the warning list, even if the product or particular lot number is not listed, since some manufacturers are recalling only certain — but not all — of their hand sanitizer products.

This quickly evaporating, plant-derived 65% ethyl alcohol exceeds CDC-recommended levels to eliminate 99.99% of many harmful germs and bacteria. Be prepared with sanitizers to keep your hands clean as you pass through. The Centers for Disease Control recommend that you regularly wash your hands with soap and water, but when you are on the go and those things are unavailable, look to hand sanitizers as the next best thing.

Professional Website Designers Chicago, IL

We design websites that clearly communicate your message and convert visitors into clients. Our website designers are highly skilled in creating lead generation websites that attract the attention of qualified prospects and customers, get them interested in your products and services, and make it easy if not irresistible to inquire further.
V&V Supremo Foods came to Got IT Digital with the request for a website primed with SEO that allows users to easily find their stores throughout Chicago Web Design the US. See how we worked with their chefs, social media and marketing team to create a unique online brand to keep users coming back for more.

Web advertising in the form of optimized websites, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising through Google, Yahoo and other search engines, permission marketing via e-mail campaigns, social media channels and Online Press Releases have been steadily increasing year after year.
Our team of designers have years of experience that can benefit your business and make sure your marketing dollars are converting into conversions. Our web designers integrates clean aesthetics with instinctive user experiences to produce the best possible online presence for your company.

I am a master with Adobe and Microsoft products and I offer a full range of creative services & graphic design such as page layout, infographics, business collateral, illustration and web development. Mess is an independent design and development studio that works with start-ups and established businesses alike.
From backlink building to local SEO services and management, H2H will create a backlink strategy personalized to your business and its goals. They designed the navigation, implemented SEO, abided by accessibility guidelines, and translated technical research into easy-to-read content.
Our Chicago web design specialists work closely with you to ensure your site's color scheme, images, texts and navigations are user-friendly and SEO-optimized. We specialize in small business Chicago website design, eCommerce design, web development and custom software development.

With that being said, the main tactics are content optimization, technical SEO and link-building. Whether your objective is to launch a new business or generate increased brand awareness, we leverage our design experience, insight into cutting edge functionality and technology, and cogent messaging to achieve those business outcomes.
Doejo is a development company based in Chicago, IL. Their team of about 20 employees is expert in web, mobile app, and software development with additional experience in web and user experience design and video production. That said, when you work with a Chicago web design firm, you can rest assured that they'll create a website that both users and Google love.

MOT Reading Booking Online

Everybody who drives a vehicle on the street must keep it in good technical situation. The MOT test verifies that vehicles meet highway security and environmental standards. The first MOT take a look at for each car is required when it's three years previous. The foundations are completely different in case the car is used as a taxi. 

MOT Reading

MOT the certificates confirms that during the take a look at, without being dismantled, the vehicle met the minimum acceptable environmental and highway security standards required by legislation. This does not imply that the vehicle is in good working order for the complete interval during which the certificate is valid. Additionally MOT the certificates is just not a guarantee for the overall technical situation of the automotive. This take a look at does not apply to the condition of the engine, clutch or transmission.

What the MOT check involves

Through the take a look at, some essential elements of your automobile are checked to verify that it meets key legal requirements.

Elements belonging to inspection:

The body and structure of the automobile should not have a excessive degree of corrosion or damage in certain locations, and no sharp edges that can trigger accidents.

The gas system have to be freed from leaks and the tank cap closes tightly and securely. The tank cap will need to be opened, so be sure you provide a key for this goal.

Harmful emissions

The car must meet the requirements for dangerous emissions, depending on its age and the type of fuel of the automobile.

The exhaust system have to be secure, complete, without critical leaks and have to be effectively silenced.

Seat belts

All fitted belts are checked for appearance, situation, performance and security. All necessary seat belts should be in place.

The doors must shut tightly and securely. The front doorways of the car should open from the within out. The rear doors may additionally need to be opened to offer entry to certain items to be inspected.

The mirrors

The automotive must have a minimal number of mirrors obtainable, test their condition and reliability.

Cargo safety

The boot or tailgate supplies security in the closed place.

The brakes 

Their situation, performance and action (effectivity check). Observe that changing wheels isn't a part of the take a look at.

Tires and wheels

Their situation, safety, dimension, kind and tread depth. Spare tires are not checked.

The license plates

Their condition, reliability, indicators - correctly formed and located.

The headlights

Their situation, motion and safety. Headlights

The hood

Whether or not it closes tightly and securely.

Windshield wipers

Are they working correctly to provide the motive force with a transparent view ahead.

The windshield

His situation and the driving force's view of the road

The horn

It works properly and is in good condition.

Steering and suspension

Whether or not in passable situation and functioning properly.

The automobile identification quantity was first used on the particular automotive, on and after August 1, 1980. Each car has no a couple of VIN except multi-stage autos.

Where to go for the MOT check

There are about 19,000 stations across the country authorized as MOT take a look at factors that can check you. The blue logo with the three triangles indicates that the particular point is allowed to carry out checks. The utmost test payment have to be displayed on a board inside every test level. Nonetheless, if the particular level needs, it might charge a decrease payment than the one shown on the board.

How the vehicles are examined

MOT test factors have specific take a look at platforms where checks are performed using a selected set of apparatus that meets the specific necessities of the annual technical evaluate. The usual check procedures are set out in a printed version - a test guide that every level should provide upon request.

If your vehicle has not handed the check, you can be issued the relevant failed test doc with a reference to this guide. You'll be able to observe the check from a dedicated monitoring space, however it is not allowed to interrupt the employee who performs the take a look at throughout his work.

All test employees have undergone a coaching course at the Car and Service Agency and their take a look at results are checked regularly.

Best Web Design Company In New York

CSS is very easy to code, but at the same time it becomes complicated when you write CSS code for professional, high scale and high performance level. By designing through a clearly-defined brand strategy that articulates the kinds of experiences we're trying to create, people with different perspectives are more able to have productive conversations in a shared language about what such an experience might be like.
N.Y. Design Studio is a one stop shop for all our web needs- creative concepts, website development, images, video, eCommerce, analytics, SEO, interactive advertising and marketing support - whatever you need they can do it. More importantly is how they do it, they treat your business as their own.

The company repurposes the sophisticated marketing tools that they had been developing for Fortune 500 companies and Major Brands and use them instead to help non-profits increase donations, start-ups get funding and small impactful businesses be more successful.
New York Web Design firms not only have to design their own websites with search engine optimization in mind, but they have to do the same for their clients who are always asking to be at the top of the list for whatever it is their trying to market (be it themselves or a product).

While Maximize Studio is a Digital Media Agency with a full suite of services, we offer in-house services, such as Custom Responsive Website Design & Development, Mobile E-commerce, Design & Print, Web Portal & Directories, Mobile Development, Mobile App Development and Online Marketing & Advertising.
You may choose a small company for the price but if the people in the agency lack knowledge, it can do more harm to your site than help it. That is why, it is important to find the right balance between the cost and the knowledge when you choose an agency for your business.
There are some points on which will let you to think about launching a professional online business website. Most of the Business web design companies that offer new web design services follow this trend. Custom website for real estate investment company created in a full screen format with lots of animated design elements, parallax, and a fully responsive layout.

Iteo is a team of over 100 experts in custom software design and development with focus on mobile and web applications. Big Orange Planet is a premiere web design and development company located in the Denver area that provides a range of online services in Colorado and beyond.
The best website design companies offer a full-range of services to meet all the needs of clients, from Internet marketing to development. Ibdesign Studio is a leading web design and digital marketing solutions provider that meets the specialized requirements of small to mid-size companies, medical organizations and non-profit agencies.

Choosing the web design firm with business knowledge, design experience, and marketing insight can be the difference between a simple web presence, and a top performing website. website design company Maybe that's true in the Olympics, but for the business services world, you are not a professional until you are established and respected as one by your clients and peers.
NYC Web Design has provided efficient and timely support throughout the development, launch, and continuous hosting of our interactive Android application and administrative website. We offer powerful and effective websites that are affordable to all businesses, whether in New York or across the globe.

Tasty Tuesday

While the Mediterranean diet is healthful, there aren't any specific recommendations for portion size or calorie intake, according to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health So while the food you're eating is healthy, you can still gain weight if you don't monitor portion sizes.
On the flipside, if your brand (or your client's brand) isn't afraid to poke fun at the intense surge of work, pressure, and franticness that Mondays conjure, opt for the opposite. No matter if you're a product-based or service-based brand, the #saturdaysale hashtag is worth a try.

Knowing the types of Instagram daily hashtags available to you and your clients is extremely useful. While you can plan to make dinner from scratch every night, cooking meals that can be frozen on Sunday and reheated throughout the week is your best time-saving bet.
Unsurprisingly, several of the most popular Monday hashtags are less than enthusiastic about the day. It seems there is an Instagram daily hashtag for almost anything. At the same time, 35,900 people have noted tuesdayturnup”—already looking ahead to happy hour or the weekend, or taking it up a notch to make it a strong work week.

Happy Hour: Monday - Friday; 4 - 6:30 p.m. Hashtagsforlikes has made it easy for you to drag the hashtags that are relevant to your post or brand. Try this 7-Day Meal Plan to get started. The heart health benefits of the Mediterranean diet have been widely researched and that's what this eating plan is most praised for.
For example, red meat such as beef and pork should be rarely eaten on a Mediterranean meal plan, while processed meats such as sausage, bacon and hot dogs should be avoided entirely. Since it's near a large body of water, seafood is on the Mediterranean diet menu, as are vegetables, olive oil and some wine.

Happy Hour: Monday - Friday, 4 - 7 p.m.; Friday 4 - 6 p.m. Whether your brand is in the industry, you're getting married yourself, or you just know your Instagram audience swoons over lovers - use this hashtag to bring out your brand's softer side midweek. So, sharing insider tips on Instagram is a brilliant way to build trust with your audience, position your brand as an expert and become a knowledge base for followers.
Then this is one of the Monday hashtags destined to start a conversation. With an audience of passionate food enthusiasts, standing out could pay off big time. Plan ahead and map out a treasure hunt on your feed, where entrants must go back and find a range of items, like your photo or video and share snippets to their following with your branded hashtag.
Top brands and businesses use Instagram daily hashtags to reach new audiences, inspire content pillars and as key contributors in their social media strategies. However, it's not a bad idea to incorporate a couple of healthy meatless meals into your weekly rotation.

The right choice for you depends solely on how much energy you have on your meal planning day and how much time you have to cook during your meal prep day. A dreamy stack of the good stuff can be used to promote self-care, crockery brands, food photographers, hospitality establishments, some well earned time off or the right way to spoil someone special.

Wearable Defibrillator

ZOLL Medical Corporation, a manufacturer of resuscitation devices and related software solutions, announced that the ZOLL LifeVest® Wearable Defibrillator is now covered by Medical Assistance (MA), Minnesota's Medicaid program. The WCD (LifeVest®, ZOLL, Pittsburgh, PA) was FDA-approved in 2001 as an outpatient device after a clinical trial involving 285 out-of-hospital patients 16 WCDs are intended for use in adult patients that have an increased risk of SCD if an ICD is not warranted.
While I think that single-chamber ICDs are often preferred—especially in primary-prevention settings without pacing indications—in this patient who was already on escalating ZOLL LifeVest Wearable Defibrillator doses of antiarrhythmic medication, it might prove prudent to have the ability to pace the atrium in case there is spontaneous or drug-induced bradycardia.

Six weeks after WCD therapy commenced, rates of depression and anxiety dropped to 7 and 25%, respectively 32 It is not clear if patients recovered their emotional equilibrium as a result of WCD therapy or as a matter of course as they got used to their new identities as cardiac patients.
In this issue of The Journal of Innovations in Cardiac Rhythm Management, Johnston et al. 1 present an interesting case of a middle-aged, healthy, fit, physically active woman with recurrent syncope who was managed within the context of an initially largely negative workup at a community hospital followed by discharge and subsequent referral to a tertiary care facility for further diagnostic testing and therapy.

Although the S-ICD is a valuable alternative with probably fewer lead-associated complications such as blood stream infections, the lack of brady- or tachypacing can be a disadvantage of this device 23 In our study population, 19% of S-ICDs were implanted specifically after a lead-associated infection.
This study has following main characteristics: it is the first report on the use of the WCD in Switzerland with a study population comparable to other larger studies in this topic; the data suggest that the WCD is safe and effective in the treatment of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias; comfort issues with the use of the WCD affect a relevant subgroup of patients who possibly are at a higher risk for therapy non-adherence.

The FDA believes that the new, more prominent and persistent patient alert for Message Code 102” will help increase awareness of the potential hazard and increase the likelihood of a patient contacting Zoll immediately for a replacement device after the alert appears on the device screen.
It was designed to test whether this device could effectively reduce sudden death in patients who had recently suffered a heart attack and had reduced heart function (defined as a low ejection fraction of 35 percent or less) where the heart wasn't able to pump sufficient blood to the rest of the body, which is indicative of a sizable heart attack.

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